Cancer Support

From educational literature to counseling services, we are here to help. 


The support of counseling can turn a crisis into a challenge. No matter what the prognosis, emotional healing can take place.

The cancer patient and their family members experience a host of powerful emotions following a diagnosis.  Some of the most common responses may include the following:  depression, anxiety, a sense of being overwhelmed, shock, denial, hopelessness, powerlessness and fear.

Counseling with a trained, licensed counselor can be a vital link of support in a time of crisis.  Counseling can offer a safe, non-threatening place to express and sort through intense thoughts and feelings.

Through counseling there is an opportunity to learn and increase coping skills and to gain focus and a balanced perspective.  This results in more positive thinking and a sense of control over circumstances.  It can also reduce stress and boost the immune system.

For individual counseling for cancer patients, family members and those that have experienced the loss of a loved one,  call for an appointment – 864-232-8439.


Support Groups

We hold meetings for a variety of cancer support groups at the Cancer Society of Greenville County. This is the address of hope with open doors. Go to our support group calendar to see upcoming group meeting times. 

Support groups to consider include:


Patient Group - For men and women diagnosed with any form of cancer, pre-treatment, during treatment, or post treatment.

Breast Cancer Group - For women who have either recently been diagnosed with breast cancer, going through treatment or have already completed treatment.

Caregiver/Family Group - For family and caregivers.

Grief Groups - For people who have lost a loved one for any reason, not just cancer. 

Facing Forward - information coming soon.

Health Education

We have a well-stocked library compiled with the latest printed information from local and national cancer organizations. We have information on all forms of cancer, common treatment side-effects, recommended screenings, grief, care giver stress, support groups and survivorship.

Our Health Educators are available to speak to community and church groups on cancer related topics. These include: Breast, cervical, skin, lung and colon cancer as well as smoking cessation classes. They can also provide printed materials on these topics.

If you would like to contact our nurses about speaking or with a question email