2018 Hope Ball

Friday, April 27th, 2018 at the Poinsett Club

The 2018 Hope Ball has been held in Greenville since its inception in 1984. This event is the the premiere fundraising event for the Cancer Society of Greenville County.  The Ball will be held on April 27, 2018 . The Hope Ball,  which is held every 2 years, is an elegant black tie dinner and dance. Attendance is approximately 500 people. Our goal for 2018 is to raise $550,000+ with the proceeds going directly to offer hope, help and healing to local cancer patients.


2018 Chairwoman  -  Amanda Arscott                   Immediate Past Chairwoman - Elizabeth Mann

2018 Vice-Chair and 2020 Chair - Mandy Bullock

        Lindsay Bataiva                                                   Jeannette Goldsmith                                                   Kelley Norris                         

        Kristen Carlton                                                    Erin Johnston                                                               Sara Shamblin

        Dixie Dulin                                                          Mary Claytor Johnston                                                 Caroline Smoak      

        Robyn Ezzell                                                       Jenny Kramer                                                               Kate Sturdevant

        Sarah Farrar                                                        Kate Laffitte                                                                  Murray Thompson

        Kasey Fay                                                           Christa Likes                                                                 Kelly Warren

        Rebecca Feldman                                              Kate Madden                                                                Tiffany Williams

        Kathryn Freedman                                              Lauren McCrary                                                           Donyelle Wilkins

        Rhem Galloway                                                  Blair Miller                                                                     Liza Wilson

                                                                                    Stephanie Morgan                               



In 2017, the Cancer Society provided 25,776 direct services to 4024 cancer patients and their families. Over 1,732 individual and group counseling services touched the lives of not only patients, but also their family members and the bereaved in our community. In addition, 78,722 cancer awareness and prevention programs/materials were provided to the general public.


Cancer makes people vulnerable on many levels. While attacking the body it can drain financial resources, strain caregivers and overwhelm families. For the past 53 years the Cancer Society of Greenville County has provided families from all walks of life with hope, support, financial assistance, counseling services and up-to-date cancer information. Cancer prevention and awareness programs have also been provided to the general population. We are not affiliated with American Cancer Society and are completely dependent on local donations. All funding comes from the Greenville community and all funding remains in Greenville.


Services are offered free of charge to local cancer patients and their family members. Areas of service include: cancer medications, prostheses, medical supplies, nutritional and disposable products, home health equipment, transportation assistance, education, support groups and individual counseling, as well as meeting many emergency needs.



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