Our History

What We Do

We are a local agency helping local people. 

  • Provide financial support to local cancer patients and their families
  • Provide high-impact education and counseling services
  • Create an environment that accelerates healing and hope
  • Raise awareness of the Cancer Society of Greenville County to increase funding to serve more patients

Who We Are

For the briefest moment he’ll forget that his daughter has cancer. He will not realize how light he feels until reality kicks in and drops down into his stomach like a weight. And then he carries the weight from bedroom to bathroom, from bathroom to kitchen, from kitchen to garage. His new morning routine has mostly to do with this burden that reaches out and touches every area of his life with questions and sadness, because cancer is not content to stay put. It extends its tentacles into everything, and then it puts down roots. For him, cancer is relentlessly local, and he is forced to deal with it in his own unique way. From one locality to another, from one family to another, cancer affects us uniquely, and must be dealt with uniquely.

It is 1965. He lives in Greenville. And his daughter has cancer of the eye. The Cancer Society of Greenville County exists because of her.

Faced with a financial inability to treat her cancer properly, her parents went to the American Cancer Society chapter in Greenville in hopes of gaining some assistance in getting her to Sloan Kettering for specialized treatment. When it became clear that caring for cancer victims in this local, personalized manner was outside the scope of ACS’s mission, some of the members of the ACS board determined that funds should be raised for Greenville County families who were unable to handle the financial load that cancer inevitably brings with it. It was time that localized care be given to local victims.

For 50 years, the Cancer Society of Greenville County has been caring for Greenville residents affected by cancer, not only by providing financial assistance but also through emotional and educational support and many countless other means of simply being present with people in their need. Cancer is not content to stay put. Neither are we. We seek to provide holistic care for a disease that is so holistically devastating. We want to step without fear into the mess that cancer makes in people’s lives. What we have seen emerge time and time again in cancer victims is the brave and beautiful audacity to hope. When local people care for local victims, when families have someone to carry the weight with them, hope puts down its own roots and drives out the tentacles of fear and despair.

In the years of providing local care to local victims, the Cancer Society of Greenville County has placed itself in the heart of our community, settling down in locations familiar to the local ear: Dunbar Street, the Red Cross Building on Grove Road, Aberdeen Drive, and now 113 Mills Avenue at the House of Hope. Further, the Society has facilitated fundraising events that remain staples on the calendars of Greenville residents, including the Hope Ball held every two years, the Annual Ladies’ Golf Benefit, and the Holiday Greenery Sale. What’s more, the local flavor of the Society is evidenced by the countless faces and names who have found hope in the face of cancer. Hope is here—here in our community, for our cancer victims. You can find it, and you can be a part of helping others find it. Whatever your place in the story, you will determine how the rest of it goes.

If he slept at all last night, he may have the luxury of waking up to the briefest moment of amnesia, where he forgets why he’s been restless.